In Capital Bank products and services are designed to meet the needs of our customers, in addition to professionals who can properly advise on the best financial alternatives.

We always encourage our customers to make their own decisions, whether they make a deposit, an investment or a purchase of any of our financial products.

Certificate of Deposits and investment

An effective way to start saving now is to invest in Certificate of Deposits. The minimum amount for a deposit is $100,000 dollars with term of 30 days or more. You will earn higher interest rates than in a checking or a saving account with a Certificate of Deposit. Our interest rate is higher than the rate in the international market and it guarantees an adequate profit in the Ecuadorian market. The payment of interest can be monthly, quarterly, or at maturity.

Your capital will be available at the end of the term, but, of course, your money can continue to earn interest if you decide to renew your certificate. This is an excellent alternative to maximize interest while you save.



Car Loans

Car financing has been the most important service we have provided our clients from the beginning. We finance the acquisition of new and used cars of any make and with any distributor or dealer. These loans are available for a 3 year term with 36 monthly payments.

Our experience makes us specialists in this type of financing. We will be glad to help you in the acquisition of the ideal car for you.



  • Mortgage loans
  • Equity loans
  • Personal and unsecured loans

Ask for the loan and you will have the money when you need it for cars

  • Cars
  • Working capital
  • Home construction
  • Home improvements
  • Education
  • Household goods (furniture, home appliences, etc.)

Banco Capital has available loans for financial solutions that will help you make your dreams come true in Ecuador.

In Banco Capital we are proud that we can help you improve you and your family's way of life in Ecuador . If you have a need, we will listen and we will help you accomplish your goals, finding the right solution for you.

I If you need to buy a car, build a house, improve your home, pay for your children's education or your own, buy furniture or home appliances, or increase your working capital, Banco Capital has the right solution for your budget. We will help you find the best way to realize your dreams.

You can have a mortgage or equity loan with real state as guarantee, a secured loan with a car as a guarantee, or a personal (unsecured) loan with a personal guarantor.

Our loans will satisfy your personal needs or those of your family. We will adjust them to your income or to the income of your family.


Who qualifies for a loan?

Banco Capital provides loans to any adult who has good credit history and who can provide a guarantee. Also, the person should have employment or another source of secure income.

Our rates, conditions, and payments are the most competitive in the market.

If you need more information, please call us at (02) 225-9021. If you call us from overseas, dial the number (593-2) 225-9021 or if you are in Ecuador , visit us in our Quito, Guayaquil, Ibarra, or Otavalo offices. Also, you can write us through this electronic page.


The purpose of factoring is that our clients transform their receivables into immediate cash resources and maintain adequate management of its working capital.


Capital Bank can provide its customers directly, credit for the purchase of products or services of your business.


In Capital Bank have created a consumer loan, specially designed to meet your needs.


Collection and payment services designed to make your business transactions with speed and security, through the web.